Mohamed Iqbal Pallipurath is a

  1. Web Designer and
  2. Software Consultant.

Currently slaving as faculty at TKM College of Engineering, Kollam.

A fundamentalist Muslim but not an extremist.

Pro Palestine but not anti any Country.

He has improved the quality of

  • IIT Delhi and
  • IIT Kharagpur

just by studying at those places for

  • M. Tech. (Thermal Engineering) and
  • PhD (Cryogenic Engineering).

A chronic procrastinator. Now under throes of creating his Thecal Matter.

Visit Website for more.

Where I grew up
Places I’ve lived
Calicut; Kollam; Delhi; Kharagpur; Edappal; Al Jubail; Qatar; Kuwait; Mecca; Madina; Riyadh
Companies I’ve worked for
Anjuman Engineering College Bhatkal India; TKM College of Engineering Kollam India; Saudi Oger Jubail KSA; IQSoft
Schools I’ve attended
Central School Calicut; Farook College Feroke; TKM College of Engineering Kollam; IIT Delhi; IIT Kharagpur
Other names
Something I still can’t find on Google
My superpower
Amateur Astronomy, Judo, TT
My places
Map of all locations where the profile owner has lived

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  1. I’m from Malaysia. Quite expansive to call u. Nway, i’m looking for my late grandfather family roots in India. Perhaps that u can help me.

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