Month: July 2013

Marry Young !! Else Your Children May be Born Defective

How Older Parenthood Will Upend American Society The scary consequences of the grayest generation. BY JUDITH SHULEVITZ   Read Later Listen Font Size Facebook Twitter Over the past half century, parenthood has undergone a change so simple yet so profound we are only beginning to grasp the enormity of its implications. It is that we […]

Snowden Der-Spiegel Interview

8 July 2013 snowden-on-global-spying-a-910006.html Shortly before he became a household name around the world as a whistleblower, Edward Snowden answered a comprehensive list of questions. They originated from Jacob Appelbaum, 30, a developer of encryption and security software. Appelbaum provides training to international human rights groups and journalists on how to use the Internet […]

Electric Cars Get a Boost by breakthrough in Battery Technology

Battery breakthrough promises phone, car revolution (AFP) – Mar 11, 2009   PARIS (AFP) — Think of an electric car that can accelerate swiftly to cruising speed, laptop computers that can recharge in a couple of minutes rather than hours and a generation of super-miniature mobile phones. That’s the vision sketched on Wednesday by a pair of […]

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