Month: February 2012

A trend of misinformation about electric vehicles?

A blog posting recently made the rounds regarding a fatal design flaw in the Tesla Roadster. The blogger claims that some Roadsters have become “bricks”, with non-functioning batteries requiring a $40,000 fix. The blog is dead wrong about most of the technical facts it claims to be reporting. Don’t blame the blogger, however: he’s only […]

12V DC to 120/230V AC Inverter circuit with IC 555

This is a DC-to-AC inverter circuit diagram which produces an AC output at line frequency and voltage. The 555 is configured as a low-frequency oscillator, tunable over the frequency range of 50 to 60 Hz by Frequency potentiometer R4. Parts List: R1_________ 10K R2_________ 100K R3_________ 100 ohm R4_________ 50K potmeter, Linear C1,C2______ 0.1uF C3_________ […]

Cryogenic Air Separation and Liquefier Systems

Cryogenic air separation processes are routinely used in medium to large scale plants to produce nitrogen, oxygen, and argon as gases and/ or liquid products.  Cryogenic air separation is the preferred technology for producing very high purity oxygen and nitrogen. It is the most cost effective technology for high production rate plants.  All plants producing […]

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